Steele Building

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A dormitory in the 1950s – home to the first black graduate (Law) and undergraduates at UNC.  They were allowed to live on the third floor.  The first black graduate students (in 1951) were Floyd McKissick (who spent one summer in the law school), Oscar Diggs in the Medical School,  Kenneth Lee, James Lassiter, and Harvey Beech in the Law School (Beech was the first black person to graduate from UNC.)  The first undergraduates, John Brandon, and Le Roy and Ralph Frasier, were admitted (albeit with limited privileges) in 1955.  These early black students were denied access to the swimming pool, to all but the end zone seats in the football stadium, and were ostracized by many white students in Lenoir Hall, the library, and various public and private establishments in town (including the Hospital, the Carolina Theater, and a number of restaurants.)